As the popularity of natural wedding photography has grown in the past few years, vendors and professionals have emerged to cater to this trend. Many couples are choosing to now have their weddings filmed by a professional photographer like Sven Studios that uses natural lighting, poses with no makeup or airbrushing, and often even edits out digitally with a real-life magic lantern. Why has this trend taken off and why do some people prefer natural wedding photography? We’ll take a look at 6 reasons why natural wedding photography is the best.

1. Natural Wedding Photography Reflects Your True Emotions

One of the reasons natural wedding photography has gained traction is because it allows for couples to capture photos that reflect their true emotions, not just posing for a photograph. Couples can fall out of character, get more comfortable with one another and really be themselves in front of the camera. This trend has been also accepted by many as an alternative to traditional wedding photography because it doesn’t require excessive, often uncomfortable poses.

2. Natural Wedding Photography Makes You A Part Of The Story

Although traditional wedding photography is a beautiful art, it’s often times removed from reality. Many couples shy away from this because of the distance it creates between the subject and lens. Instead, natural wedding photography allows you to tell your story as if no one else were watching. Couples can interact naturally with one another and become a part of the storytelling that they’ve come to know and love.

3. Natural Wedding Photography Provides Real Quality Pictures

Many couples don’t want photos that look like they were taken with a point-and-shoot. Because natural wedding photography makes you part of the story and not just posing for the camera, it provides real quality to each image. Instead of an image of a bride and groom that looks like they are in a photo shoot, this trend has allowed couples to embrace their genuine selves and give their guests a more relatable view into their special day.

4. Natural Wedding Photography Is More Affordable

Although natural wedding photography still requires a professional to capture your special day, the costs associated with this trend are often much less than traditional weddings. This is because natural lighting can happen during outside events, and many vendors will also include editing and post-production services, as well as a DVD of the final product. These elements are often excluded in traditional weddings. Couples who prefer this trend will spend less on their images because they’re receiving more bang for the buck.

5. Natural Wedding Photography Lets You Stay In Control Of The Day

Many couples who choose a traditional wedding must stay in character for the duration of their wedding day. This means that even if a couple wants to get away from the camera or have some downtime or alone time, this isn’t always possible. Instead, natural wedding photography allows you to take control of your special day and enjoy every moment with your significant other. You can be as involved as you choose and create images that others can relate to during your special day.

6. Natural Wedding Photography Is More Personal

Natural wedding photography is unique because it provides a more personal connection and the story behind your special day. This is because many vendors are known for their natural style and have worked with couples to show them how easy it is to mimic their style. Natural wedding photos that tell the story of your love are something that can’t be replicated in other wedding trends, such as candid photography or portfolio shots. Couples who prefer this trend spend less money in the long run, but will receive more value for their money. If you’re planning to save more on your wedding day, check out the tips here.

Why Natural Wedding Photography Is The Best